The 17 reasons for why choose Canada for study

We invite you to discover in this post, the 17 reasons for why choose Canada for study for Canadian and international students.

Indeed, if you plan to study in Canada, you must have an idea about the reasons why you want to study there.

In addition, more and more, students from all over the world are discovering the advantages of going to university in Canada.

By the way, in January 2016, the World Economic Forum in Davos ranked it second, after Germany, for cost of living, economic and political stability, security and excellence, health care and school systems.

Indeed, the attractions are numerous:

  • A top-notch education
  • Varied study opportunities
  • And safe and friendly communities.

In 2021, more than 250,000 international students from more than 200 countries were on Canadian campuses and universities.

The country and its universities want to grow their international student population, so you can expect a warm welcome.

Canadian universities are recognized for their high quality and the excellence of their academic standards.

They always rank among the best internationally.

In addition, Canadian credentials are recognized around the world, and international students choose Canada to pursue higher education that will lead to successful careers.

In addition, the excellent quality of teaching, the availability of professors, the freedom to choose flexible and interdisciplinary programs, and the training in the workplace are highly appreciated by foreign students.

So, let’s discover together the 17 reasons that can convince you to study in Canada

The 17 reasons for why choose Canada for study

Canada is widely regarded as one of the best countries in the world to live in.

In fact, Canadian universities offer many programs that provide hands-on experience, including co-op programs, where classroom instruction is alternated with on-the-job training and internships.

In addition, having a Canadian university degree could make it easier for foreign students to obtain permanent residence in the country.

So, here are some of the many reasons why Canada could become your study destination:

  1. Qualifications assessed around the world
  2. You will learn from the most talented and brilliant minds
  3. Quality of life that ranks Canada first in the world
  4. The prices of studies in Canada, quite affordable compared to other countries
  5. Easy possibility of immigration
  6. Possibility of having Canadian nationality after 3 years
  7. Opportunity to work as a student
  8. Have the opportunity to gain Canadian work experience after graduation
  9. Possibility of staying in Canada after graduation
  10. Exceptional variety and quality with over 15,000 study programs
  11. Canada has three of the top 20 college cities in the world
  12. Canada ranks 2nd most student-friendly country
  13. A world leader in research and innovation
  14. Canadian universities offer many scholarships in Canada
  15. World-class language education
  16. Exciting campus lifestyle
  17. Innovative and abundant research opportunities


So, to conclude our article on the 17 reasons that can answer you on the question : Why choose to study in Canada, we have tried to give you the most relevant reasons.

Indeed, Canadian Universities are considered to be among the best universities in the world.

Moreover, with more than 15,000 study programs, the student can choose the field of study that suits him.

In addition, Canada has three of the top 20 university cities in the world.

Indeed, the costs of studying at Canadian universities are considered quite affordable.

Thus, we can say that Canada is the promised land of foreign students who want a better future!

So, do not hesitate to go to Canada to obtain a renowned diploma!

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