The 14 steps to PhD studies in Canada

We invite you to discover in this post, the 14 steps to PhD studies in Canada for Canadian and international students.

Indeed, if you plan to study in Canada, and start your Doctorate degree, you must have an idea of the steps to follow.

Whether you are a Canadian, European or foreign student, university studies in Canada are considered to be an excellent choice for your higher education.

Indeed, doing your higher education in Canada after your Master’s will allow you to obtain an internationally renowned PhD degree.

In addition, the PhD’s studies in universities in Canada have as main characteristics, the quality of higher education, and the international reputation of the diplomas.

But, to study in Canada after obtaining your Master’s degree, you must have an overall idea of ​​certain points that we consider essential to know.

Each Canadian university has its own admission requirements and registration steps for PhD’s degrees.

Thus, discover in this article, the different steps to prepare a PhD in Canadian universities, and find all the essential points to know before leaving to study in Canada.

The 14 steps to PhD studies in Canada

To study in Canada after the Master and prepare for your Doctorate’s degree, you must follow several steps and know several points.

Indeed, here are the main steps to follow before leaving to study the license in Canada :

  1. Choose the universities in Canada that are right for you
  2. Find the faculties in Canada that meet your needs
  3. Select study specialties from the 15,000 specialties available in Canada
  4. Respect the dates of registrations at Canadian universities
  5. Find the costs of university studies in Canada
  6. Find scholarships in Canada
  7. Meet the admission requirements for Canadian universities
  8. Prepare  application documents for admission to Canadian universities
  9. Have the supervision agreement from a thesis director
  10. Apply for admission to Canadian universities
  11. Submit your thesis project
  12. Paying higher education fees at Canadian universities
  13. Prepare your student visa in Canada
  14. Go study in Canada!

Thus, follow its steps and the study procedure in Canada after your Master’s Degree will be easier!


So, to conclude our article, we have presented for you the 14 steps to PhD studies in Canada.

Going to study for a Doctorate’s degree in Canada after obtaining your Master’s degree is an excellent choice for any student wishing to receive quality training.

Indeed, to facilitate your research, we have tried to put this procedure in the form of steps.

Moreover, we were able to identify 14 steps to follow to study in Canada after the Master’s degree.

In addition, these steps revolve around 4 essential points, namely:

  • The choice of university
  • Admissions procedures
  • Registration dates and fees
  • And finally, obtaining your study visa

Thus, for more information on other points that you may need to know, we advise you to contact the university of your choice.

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