French-speaking universities in Canada – The list of 35 universities

We invite you to discover in this post, the list of 35 French-speaking universities in Canada for Canadian and international students. For French-speaking students, the country offers an exceptional array of universities that provide diverse study programs in French.

We will delve into the various French-speaking universities across different provinces in Canada, highlighting their program offerings, infrastructure, student services, and contributions to the Francophone community.

So, join us on this exploration of the list of 35 French universities in Canada.

List of 35 French-speaking universities in Canada

French-speaking universities are a testament to their provinces’ commitment to providing a bilingual and multicultural education.

In fact, they are many French-speaking universities in Canada. Indeed, you can find French-speaking universities in the following provinces and towns :

So, here is the list of 35 French-speaking universities in Canada for Canadian students and international students :

  1. Bishop’s University
  2. Concordia University
  3. HEC Montreal
  4. Laurentian University
  5. Laval University
  6. McGill University
  7. Montreal university
  8. National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS)
  9. National School of Public Administration (ENAP)
  10. Polytechnic School of Montreal
  11. Royal Military College of Canada
  12. Saint Paul University
  13. Sainte-Anne University
  14. School of Higher Technology (ETS Montreal)
  15. Teluq University
  16. University of Alberta
  17. University of British Columbia
  18. University of British Columbia
  19. University of Guelph
  20. University of Hearst
  21. University of New Brunswick
  22. University of Ontario French
  23. University of Ottawa
  24. University of Quebec at Chicoutimi
  25. University of Quebec at Rimouski
  26. University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières
  27. University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  28. University of Quebec in Montreal
  29. University of Quebec in Outaouais
  30. University of Sherbrooke
  31. University of St. Boniface
  32. University of Sudbury
  33. University of Toronto
  34. University of Winnipeg
  35. York University

You should note that this list is not exhaustive. You can find other universities that are not in this list of French-speaking universities in Canada.

Moreover, we do our best to continually update this list of French universities in Canada. Furthermore, if you notice an error or a university that is missing from this list, we invite you to contact us, and we will add it as soon as possible.


Thus, to conclude our article, we presented for you, the list of 35 French-speaking universities in Canada for Canadian and international students.

Each institution on this list brings its unique blend of academic rigor, cultural richness, and innovative spirit to the forefront. But, you should also know that many of these universities in Canada are generally bilingual.

By the way, if you are interested in studying in Quebec in English, we invite you to discover the list of English-speaking universities in Quebec.

Thus, we recommend that you visit each website of the French universities in Canada that interests you in order to make your choice.

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