List, Top and Cheapest Universities in Ontario Canada for International Students in 2022

Study in Ontario is one of the best choice that international student can have because universities in Ontario are among the best Canadian universities.

Indeed, with its 31 universities, Ontario includes some of the best universities appearing in the top 3 of Canada and the top 50 in the World.

In addition, Ontario has the largest number of universities and post-secondary colleges of any province in Canada.

Indeed, it is one of the best provinces to study in Canada.

In this article, we will focus on the following points, namely :

So, let’s find out all this information about universities in Ontario.

Universities in Ontario

1. List of colleges in Ontario

First of all, you should know that Ontario is an excellent choice to help you reach your higher education goals.

Indeed, as was mentioned at the very beginning, Ontario has 31 universities.

Here is the list of universities in the province of Ontario :

1. Algoma University

2. Brescia University College

3. Brock University

4. Carleton University

5. Dominican University College

6. Royal Military College of Canada

7. Huron University

8. King’s University College

9. Lakehead University

10. McMaster University

11. Nipissing University

12. OCAD University

13. Queen’s University

14. Redeemer University College

15. Ryerson University

16. St. Jerome’s University

17. Trent University

18. University of Ottawa

19. University of Sudbury

20. Laurentian University

21. Saint Paul University

22. University of Guelph

23. Ontario Tech University

24. University of St. Michael’s College

25. University of Toronto

26. Trinity Western University

27. University of Waterloo

28. University of Windsor

29. Wilfrid Laurier University

30. York University

31. University of Hearst

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2. Best of colleges in Ontario

In addition, Ontario has some of the best Canadian colleges.

For exemple, the university of Toronto in Ontario is ranked as the 2nd university in canada is in the top 50 globally!

By the way, here are the Top colleges in Ontario :

1. University of Toronto

2. University of Waterloo

3. McMaster University

4. York University

5. Western University

6. University of Ottawa

7. Carleton University

8. Queen’s University

9. University of Guelph

10. Ryerson University

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3. Cheapest colleges in Ontario

Otherwise, Colleges in Ontario offer higher education at a fairly affordable cost.

In fact, graduate studies in Ontario colleges are among the cheapest in Canada.

In addition, the costs of university studies in Ontario start from 4,100 $.

So, here is the list of the cheapest universities in Ontario :

1. University of Waterloo

2. University of Guelph

3. McMaster University

4. University of St. Michael’s College

5. University of Toronto

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Thus, to conclude our article on universities in Ontario, we advise you to contact the university of your choice directly for more information.

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